The structure of Cylindrical Roller Bearings is the inner ring and outer ring which can be seperated. Cylindrical Roller Bearing without sidewall in inner nor outer rings can be used as a free-end bearings because Its inner and outer rings can move relative to the axial. Cylindrical Roller Bearing which has double sidewalls in either inner or outer ring and single sidewall in the other side, can bear a certain degree of axial load. Usually we use stamping steel retainer or lathe-manufactured Copper Alloys retainer. However, we also use polyamide forming retainer.
The characteristics of Cylindrical Roller Bearings is practical, including large radial load-bearing capacity because of its roller and raceway of Line-contact; Suitable for high-speed since its lower friction coefficient; Able to adapt the relative position of axis and changes in shell caused by thermal expansion and the error of installation; easily installation and demolition due to detachable inner or outer ring.
Cylindrical Roller Bearings mainly use in the fields of Large and medium-sized motors, locomotives and rolling stock, machine tool spindle, internal combustion engines, generators, gas turbines, deceleration box, rolling mill machine, vibrating screen, hoisting as well as conveying machinery.

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